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My Story

                                               Meet Margaret Tran.

Hi, I’m Margaret and I’m so happy you’re here.

Have you ever felt upsetting with your own emotions, frighten of losing your loved ones, or you may feel disconnected when talking to people even with your own family, and unable to trust other people? I did! When I lost my beloved mother, I lost myself.

At that time, I didn’t have the tools, skills or knowledge to deal with what I was experiencing. There were names for it; major depression, anxiety... Names weren’t enough. I had depression for four years and those four years I was really struggling. Every day is a fight. Every morning was a challenge. Everything hurt. I numbed and faked myself to stay strong. I put up a cell and built up walls to protect my feelings and to fight for those I love. I had a job/business that I hated and I hated my life. I was out of shape. I didn’t know what to do.

It’s been six years now since she passed. It took me four years to find my way out of the depression and another year or two to gain the knowledge, skills, and tools to bring about a wealth of healing.

Bad things can happen and sometimes they don't just come once at a time they keep coming from one bad thing to another bad thing. It can take a while or forever to get over the pain depends how individual coping with it and feel safe again. But with the right our-help strategies and support, you can speed your recovery. Whether the trauma happened years ago or yesterday, you can heal and move on.

I am the spiritual/mindset and healing coach and I help women who had lost their loved ones to overcome their trauma and struggles by shifting their mindset so that they can regain new purpose of their daily life by desire not by default. I am also the author of The ACTIONS book and New Mindset New Results blog. On this blog, I share tips about motivation, inspiration, meditation, and other things. I include articles on various topics of self-help like positive thinking, self-improvement, Law of Attraction, personality development, quotes and poems from famous authors from the past and the present by which we all can make our life better.

The fastest way to success is to find a coach, mentor or role model that can help you achieve your goal much faster. Yet, most people don’t have a life coach. They resist it. They think that they can “do it on their own” and often aren’t willing to make that investment in themselves. In my opinion, this is a trap that most people fall into that holds them back from having massive success in their lives. It’s something that held me back for years, and if I could go back in time, I would have immediately found a life coach at the start of my journey. It would have saved me so much stress, time, and money in the long-run. I’m thankful I’ve learned my lessons now and have had several coaches and mentors in my life.

If you are hurting, or someone you know is hurting, there is hope. Healing is possible. It starts with saying “Yes” to yourself. Yes to the possibility, yes to understanding, yes to finding yourself again and a big yes to healing.

If you have been affected by depression, anxiety, or feelings of hopelessness and want to explore spiritual ways of healing, I’m here to help. I have openings for new clients and would love to serve and share my process with you.

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